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Every Beautiful Outdoor Space Begins With a Creative Custom Landscape Design

Planning and designing are the first stages of any successful outdoor project. Beautiful gardens are created from a custom landscape design that is a blend of the client’s personal style and the architecture of the home. Knowing where to start can be the most challenging part of any project. Lyrical Outdoor Solutions offers professional guidance and utilizes Dynascape’s state of the art CAD system to design two and three-dimensional COLOR renderings to create unique landscape designs. In our renderings, every landscape element has a detailed description so there are no surprises and you know the exact features that will be installed on your property. With our designs, clients can truly visualize their future outdoor oasis.

Our Design Services Include:

Master Landscape Plan

The landscape plan we offer is a comprehensive guide that takes into account all existing structures, plants, and trees to be retained in your outdoor area. It encompasses various aspects such as landscape bed layout, hardscapes, and a comprehensive plant catalogue. This catalogue includes photographs and names of selected plant materials, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the proposed vegetation.

Irrigation / Utilities / Services As-Built / Lighting Plan

Includes all known and visible irrigation head locations and type, visible irrigation valves, light locations, known and visible utility locations as well as known and visible private gas lines, service areas, clean outs, main line shut-off valve, water meter, gas meter, visible and exposed communication lines, drainage intake and outputs, sump pumps and bulkheads. 

Seasonal Color Displays

Our seasonal color display plan adds a vibrant touch to your landscape throughout the year. It includes a meticulously crafted planting plan for containers and beds as well as specifications for installation.

Construction Plan

The construction plan we provide offers a comprehensive layout and precise dimensions for all the constructed elements within your landscape design.

Hardscape Plan

Our hardscape plan encompasses all the essential elements required to create a visually stunning and functional outdoor entertainment area, including layout, paving pattern, walls, fire places, bulkheads, and structures.

Custom Features

Our designs include unique and personalized touches to your outdoor space with custom features. These include a wide range of options such as fence panels, putting greens, hardscape surface patterns, fire pits or fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens.

Inspiring Outdoor Creations

Providing an Unparalleled Standard of Excellence

We work closely with our clients to design small or large-scale outdoor plans. With over 30 years of experience providing landscape consultations across coastal Georgia, we have expertise in the culture, architectural styles, and climates throughout the region. From creating an inviting environment to entertain your guests, to maintaining an edible garden, our services take everything into account.

Design Services

On Site Services

Post Installation Services

The Design Process


Initial Consultation

Our journey begins with the initial on-site consultation. We'll get to know you and your property and help you decide what services align most with your goals.


Design Approval

We will send a follow-up email for approval that includes a description of the overall design plan and the scope of work to be performed as well as a detailed estimate.


We Visit You

We will visit your property to take measurements of existing structures, trees, and plants and skillfully incorporate them into the design plan.


Zoom / On-site

We will hold virtual meetings or on-site visits as needed throughout the process. Visits will vary based upon your needs and the scope of the project.


Plan Development

We will begin to develop a Concept plan that includes existing structures and the general layout of landscape elements, such as garden beds, hardscape areas, landscape lighting, and any special features or builds.


Concept Plan

We will present you with a Concept Plan for approval. We can make any changes according to your feedback. Once you approve, it's time to start the Master Plan.


Master Plan

The Master Plan, a detailed color rendering of your ideal outdoor space, includes a complete and detailed description of all plant and hardscape materials.



With the Master Plan, you have all the information you need for a successful project. We can even help you find a suitable contractor, and we offer onsite design and management services!

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