Landscape Consulting

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Take the Guesswork Out of Landscaping with Our Expert Planning & Consulting Services

Our comprehensive consulting and planning services are designed to build upon one another seamlessly. Whether you require a brief one-hour consultation or desire more extensive assistance that encompasses planning and oversight, we are committed to delivering tailored solutions that align with your budget.

One-Hour Consultation

Our initial one-hour consultation is recommended for clients who would like advice, recommendations, or inspiration from a landscape professional. The purpose of the on-site consultation is to provide information to assist in the decision-making process by establishing the scope of the work to be performed and establishing a budget before beginning the project yourself or selecting a contractor.  Our areas of expertise include budget projections, lawn maintenance, plant decline, transplanting, pruning, plant identification, irrigation, drainage, hardscape, seasonal color, landscape design improvements, and advice on preparing a property to put on the market.

Comprehensive Property Assessment (Includes Site Analysis, Plantings Inventory & Irrigation Inspection)

Our property assessments are recommended for clients who need a comprehensive assessment of their landscape and outside systems and would like to convey their maintenance preferences to their lawn maintenance provider or those who are preparing for construction, landscape renovation, or hardscape installation.

Site Visit and Property Inspection

These services are recommended for clients who would like a fresh set of eyes on their property on a regular basis to ensure that all outside services are being performed according to the agreement between the contractor and client.

Planning and On-Site Design Services

 These services are recommended for clients who would like assistance with choosing a contractor, prefer to have on-site design services, or seek the reassurance of having a professional presence representing their interests on the job site. 

Post-Installation Assistance Services

These services are recommended for clients who would like to ensure that their investment is protected over time and proactively address any potential problems before they become a reality.

Inspiring Outdoor Creations

Providing an Unparalleled Standard of Excellence

We work closely with our clients to design small, or large-scale outdoor plans. With over 30 years of experience providing landscape consultations across coastal Georgia, we have expertise in the culture, architectural styles, and climates throughout the region. From developing a hospitable environment to entertain your guests, to maintaining a new installation or mature landscape, our services take everything into account.

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